Hey !!!

HEY !!!!

So this is my new blog…..basically I’m just going to write lots of stuff about me – pretty self indulgent I know ( embarrassed face ) , but I hope that you guys out there will enjoy following some of my adventures, see a bit of the background that goes into the preparation to the events that I so love to do with my buddies, along with the general day to day fitness stuff I get up to!

I am by no means a pro of any kind….I’m a previously much bigger, very unfit girl, who has found a total passion for challenging myself through exercise  – the results of which have not only have given me a body I’m proud of , but more importantly they have given me a personal sense of uber ( love that word!) achievement I never thought possible – and I would love other ladies and gents to feel that self pride through their hard work.

I am also a wife and mother of two small people – so I totally understand that balance that has to be achieved with a family……that need to feel attractive again after being a stay at home Mummy, that need for a little bit of ‘you’ time every now and again ( and then the guilt that often goes with it! )  – so hopefully along the way I can help with some tips on how I have been able to get around some of these situations – so everyone is happy 🙂

So lets do this thing …. I will write…. and I hope you enjoy to read…. but be warned….it may get a bit random at times…im new to this … 😉 lol !

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