Rat Race : The Crossing

Bossed it!

This event was flipping awesome !!  Its very fresh in my mind as it was only a few weeks ago ( still carb re-loading lol!), and I’m still feeling that massive sense of achievement…….and yes I am also still feeling those rather tender ass patches !

It was 200 miles off road from Whitehaven to Scarborough, and was substantially tougher then anticipated !  The terrain was very technical at times, and meeting a road section was a welcome rest on the legs at times .

Five of us did the event , two chaps and three of us girls.  We had a crew member (aka my husband in the truck ) who met us at various places on route to feed us, and then to have our tent set up ready for the overnight stops.  I’m pretty rubbish at looking after myself it has to be said, so my buddy Jane was very pleased to have Garys help in organising me and all my masses of stuff I had packed !

We were generally out for about 10 hours each day – 8 of which was riding time…. the other two hours being food stops….looking at scenery and the odd random yoga stretch due to soreness !

The technical training I had over the winter from the uber cool dude Skip, owner of  The Surrey Hills Adventure Company was a blinking lifesaver for me – as quite frankly I can be a bit of a wimp at times, so this was money very well spent for my confidence ( and safety !)

Sadly since the event I have a very sore Achilles which is hindering my training for the next event ( Man Vs Mountain in September) – but this was totally my fault, as realistically my training was not sufficient to prepare my poor body for that level of endurance .  So lesson learnt for next time !!!

If you fancy an awesome challenge witnessing some pretty amazing scenery at a very well organised event  – then get yourself super dooper mountain bike fit and enter Rat Race The Crossing ….its a crazy cool event !

Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, bicycle, ocean, sky and outdoor

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