How I started this ‘fitness thing’…

People often assume I have been ‘fit’ all my life and it comes naturally for me …… sadly it doesn’t come easy at all ( I have to work hard like you guys every day ) , and I haven’t actually been into my fitness for that long at all ……so I thought you might be interested in how I started….
After I had my second baby I was a pretty big girl, and unable to do much other then potter about or be at home for a good six months due to the surgery I had, left me going a little stir crazy and very unhappy about my large size, and actually realising I wasn’t very fancible to my husband any more !
So, driven by a determination to just DO something ( and the NEED for a few moments to myself after a day at home on my own with a baby and toddler!) I started to run. Now when I say run….what I mean is, I went out at night into the garden after I had done the breast feeding, and I jogged for 20 seconds , and walked for 3 minutes – and I would do that for no more then 20 minutes in one go – as it was exhausting !!!! I would then stand in the dark listening to my music, and lift some heavy stones up and down to try and strengthen my arms. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing – but just doing it made me happy.
I stuck with it……I went outside about 3 times a week with my headphones up and I built up that 20 seconds each week. But I felt that bit better about myself EVERY time I did something ….which spurred me to keep going – even when I was tired. It took me a year to get to 5km ( no 12 week programme for me lol!) and it was really hard…. But the weight came off, I became happier, healthier and my self confidence grew with the inner pride I was feeling.
I also educated myself about food – what protein actually was, what were good and bad carbohydrates etc . But most importantly I made sure that the food I ate was not more then what I burnt off – so my hard work wasn’t wasted by eating too much cake !
( I will add that while I was breastfeeding ( which was a long time!!) I didn’t restrict myself on anything to ensure I could carry on feeding as long as possible)
I then decided I needed a goal….i needed to have a greater focus (massive progress to where I had started),so I entered a 5km obstacle run called Airfield Anarchy with my brother . I was extremely nervous ( even when doing the entry I had to dash to the loo!) – but it was a goal to keep me on track. Why an obstacle race ? Because I have always had a bit of an inner fire and want to feel strong and feisty…. And so by entering something that would push me hard, it would satisfy that craving.
And so we did it – I finished utterly shattered, bruised wet, cold and coughing like a trooper through the effort ……but happy – with the biggest sense of achievement I had ever known.
And from there the motivation to be stronger and fitter has just flowed… entering events it keeps me focused on training and by doing all the training it makes me a much more patient mother and (amenable!) wife …..
Coming up I am going to share some tips on how to fit in some training when being at home all day with my smalls….how to include them…work around them…. Or even use them as equipment lol!!


3 thoughts on “How I started this ‘fitness thing’…

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  1. Someone told me about your journey recently and I didn’t believe them. You truly are an inspiration and I think you are awesome. Well done you. You know I always aspire to be just like you x


    1. Wow Sam – thank you, that really does mean a great deal 🙂
      Having witnessed your work ethic, you will be giving me a run for my money soon ! 😉 lol !


  2. Amazing Jodie, you did well for yourself and inspired others! Can’t wait to hear more stories….. xxx


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