Its ok to find it tough !

Now this wasn’t the next blog I had planned, but I wanted to write it ‘off the cuff’ so to speak, as I feel its quite an important point to make every now and again – and quite relevant to me right now.


Now 80% of the time, I do mega enjoy my training, and I am that person bouncing around in lycra.  But just like everyone else , there are times when I struggle – a lot !!

It can be due to an obvious thing such as having not eaten well enough or hydrated, it can be hormones, or just general fatigue. Sometimes there is no obvious reason what so ever – its just bloody tough !

Tonight was one of those struggles.

I’m picking my running back up following and injury ( which actually is still giving me grief) , and I’m pretty much back to a starting point.  I’m getting exhausted quickly, settling my breathing is taking longer, and I’m getting stomach aches again and sore shoulders.

The picture above was taken tonight just 4.5km into a run ( in perspective I have 22 miles of hill running to do in 8 weeks), and I felt wrecked!! I was angry and frustrated at how hard I was finding it, and I must admit I had a proper tearful moment 😦

I had two options

A) walk back to the car and go home – knowing that realistically my goal is a long shot with my Achilles


B) dig in…pull myself together and fight for it !! Turn my anger and frustration into determination, focus and power, and get the hell on with it.

I stayed at this spot on my run for about 5 minutes , had a drink, calmed down……then put Justin Biebers Despacito onto repeat, turned it up MEGA loud…..and got the hell on with it !

Yes its ok to find it really hard……but its the decisions you make at that point which will make the difference to achieving your goals.

Dig in and find your fire  – you will never regret it xx


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