Hey !!!

I’m Jodie – Top Banana at Fitness In The Field………. well actually only banana, but humour me !

Quite a few people ask me what this Fitness In The Field is all about – well in simple terms, we are just taking a good challenging workout, and doing it outside in the fresh air with lots of space !

Gyms totally have their place –  but they can also be intimidating, hot places that people get a little lost in  – you wont have any of this with us !  We train whatever the weather, and we cover all sorts from partnered circuit training, running intervals, strength training,  the always popular Boxercise ( often to some funky tracks ;-)…..and we may even throw in the odd cargo net, or hay bale to climb – after all, it HAS to be fun as well!

Its a class to suit all levels, where the camaraderie will keep you going to push through so you can work to your best. Technique is important and the class is kept to a decent size so I can keep my beady eye on you all !

Classes currently run on a Wednesday night 7-8pm – so if you fancy it, drop me an email at fitnessinthefield@hotmail.com and it would be great to welcome you to the fold 🙂

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