Stand Up Paddle Boarding Fitness Classes !

Summer 2019 Update –

Sadly due to other commitments there will be no regular classes this summer , HOWEVER I will be doing some paddle fitness sessions and workshops as part of the Tallington Watersports SUP Social Club .

The social club will be running every Wednesday morning 10am – 12pm, with a cost of £6.  To book your place please give the guys at Tallington a call on 01778 381151

SUPfit – Taking the workout to the water !!

Many thanks for your interest into the SUPfit course, please find below a few more details on the sessions;
• What will you be doing during the sessions?
Your first session will include a brief introduction to paddle boarding – so if your new to it, don’t worry as we will take you through the basics.   Along with some safety points, you will be taught how to kit up and get on and off the board safely, how to prone paddle, paddle kneeling up and by then end of the session we will aim to have you standing on the board , paddling out to a buoy and doing some basic turns.
Following on from this first session is where the fun begins!
Once on the water we will go through a warm up and then work on some of the simpler bodyweight exercises such as squats, planks, glute bridges and lunges. Getting you used to moving on the board and engaging all those muscles you don’t normally need to use !!
Over the course we will progress these moves to challenge you further and really build up your strength with exercises such as the inchworm, jumping squat jack and perhaps even a board burpee!
We will also add interval paddling into some sessions to really work on your cardio, whilst also looking to develop your paddle techniques .
Land based strength exercises and circuits may also be added ( due to weather) with fun triathlon style change overs onto the water – so you really will get a full body workout 😊

• How many of us will be in the class?
The class size will be kept to a maximum of 6 people for this course. This will mean all participants will receive a good level of instructor attention, enabling you to progress quicker and develop your skills – whilst also nailing that workout ! I also hope the team will become buddies over the course, helping and supporting each other whilst laughing with each other !

• What equipment or kit do you need?
The cost of the course includes the tuition from a qualified SUPfit instructor, the hire of the paddleboard, use of a wetsuit and buoyancy aid. In addition to this you may need to wear shoes whilst paddling – these can either be specific surf shoes, or simply a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting wet.  If the weather is warm enough, we will encourage bare feet to you really get the feel of the board .
The wetsuit will become optional when the weather improves, however please assume you will always need to wear one, unless we advise otherwise. It is also advisable to wear a swimming costume or trunks under your wetsuit, and of course bring a warm dry set of clothes for after.
Don’t forget this is an exercise class – so bring along your water bottle, and pack on any sunscreen !

• Will I get wet?!
Its highly likely yes – in fact I will almost encourage it !! Even as an instructor I fall off a lot, and you will probably see me come off during the sessions from time to time – especially on a windy day ! Its part of the sport, part of the learning and part of the fun! Don’t let this put you off however – you will be in a wetsuit to keep you warm, a buoyancy aid to keep you afloat, with a board attached to you which acts as massive float for you to climb back on 😊 On a hot day after a set of exercises you may even choose to jump in to cool off !!!

• Will the whole hour be spent on the water ?
We will always aim to keep you out on the water as much as possible, however there may be times when this isn’t possible for safety reasons. Should we have extreme winds or stormy weather, sessions will have to be adapted to ensure everybodies safety. In these cases we will take the workout to the land, with circuit training that assist in your paddling strengths and skills.

• Do I need to be really fit to do this ?
No, you don’t need to be really fit – however a basic level of fitness, strength and flexibility are required. Paddling correctly and balancing can become quite tiring, add in some wind resistance and your body will know its worked hard . Whilst your strength and endurance will develop over the course, you still need to be able to physically cope with being on the board for the hours work. You do need to be able to swim for the class – I will point out we will not actually be doing any planned swimming as part of the sessions, however should you come off your board, you need to be able to get back to it safely.

Whilst we don’t require you to be a super duper paddle boarder already, we would highly advise that if you haven’t been on a paddle board before , you hire a board for an hour and have a play around.  This will benefit you hugely in confidence, and you will get much more out of the fitness session this way .



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